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Main Street Dental has proudly served our local community for several years, providing the most comprehensive and personable experience and professionalism in the area. For anyone needing a dentist in Chirnside Park, we have always been the first and only call. Our experienced professional team of qualified specialists always aim to put your comfort first and to ensure that you have a smile that you’re proud to wear.

Your Chirnside Park dentist will be one of encompassing professionalism, delivering a wide range of potential services that cover all aspects to a beautiful and healthy smile for you and your family. Your dentist in Chirnside Park has the finest experience, knowledge, and equipment that Main Street Dental has to offer.

Whether you’re looking for a new Chirnside Park dentist, seeking a regular check-up, a problematic toothache, or even orthodontics – Main Street Dental has the capacity and desire to fulfill your specific needs and requirements.

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Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services at Main Street Dental; upon arrival you’ll be treated by the best dentists in Chirnside Park and feel immediately relaxed and safe in our capable hands and care. We are equipped to offer services that others cannot, all from our singular practice and capable team of specialists.

We listen to your concerns and your Chirnside Park dentist will take the time to walk through any procedure or process that is to be conducted so that you fully understand and feel at ease with the whole process, whatever it may be.

Standard Examinations

Your Chirnside Park dentist is able to provide the standard examinations on a regular basis for you and your family. An important aspect to maintaining proper dental health is proper check-ups on a regular basis. We understand it’s not always everyone’s favourite time of the year to receive their recommended check-ups, that’s why our professional dentists in Chirnside Park maintain the philosophy of putting comfort first and foremost for their patients, making it as enjoyable as possible. When you come to Main Street Dental, you’re going to be looked after – even if it’s only for a checkup.

Teeth Whitening

Everyone loves having a glowing and beautiful smile across their face. The fully-trained dentists in Chirnside Park have the capacity and equipment in Main Street Dental to facilitate a high-quality and long-lasting teeth whitening procedures to keep your grin healthy and attractive for longer. Our technicians and trained specialists will give you the right advice for at-home bleaching and keep you well informed of the steps that you’ll need to take so that you’re never confused.

Root Canal Treatment

Your Chirnside Park dentist will also be able to perform some of the more complicated procedures, a root canal for instance is the result of a deep filling or severe trauma where an expert hand is required to ensure that discomfort is kept at an absolute minimum.

Crowns & Bridges

The dentists of Chirnside Park in Main Street Dental will also be well-prepared to provide the optimal treatment for crowns and bridges which is tantamount for those with teeth that have little to no structure remaining and want to maintain a healthy and natural look for a longer period of time.


Main Street Dental is also proud to be able to give those without their teeth a reason to smile once again. Your qualified Chirnside Park dentist professional is able to install and maintain implants for those who want to have a full and healthy grin.


Main Street Dental is not just about fixing and checking on your wonderful pearly whites. The finest dentists in Chirnside Park also have the training and facilities to provide comprehensive orthodontics treatments for you and your family, a growing trend for those wanting a straight smile and proper jawline.

Why Choose Main Street Dental?

So, why would you choose us? It’s simple, we put you first – forever and always. Our team of experts have the capacity, the knowledge and combined experience to ensure that whatever ailment you feel in your mouth, we can provide the adequate and sustained solution.
Our clinic is easily located and conveniently placed to allow for ease of parking. Our coverage of experience aside, we also take pride in being welcoming to people of all ages and can cater from the young to the elderly with ease and with no loss of comfort or care in the process.

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