Our Treatment Services

The very best in gentle dental services

Our Lilydale dentists specialise in 9 primary types of treatment to help our patients achieve a beautiful and long-lasting smile. When you come for your first visit, our goal is to assess where your teeth are at currently and identify the kind of treatments you need.

Dental Treatments

The range of treatment offered at Main Street Dental, means that whatever your requirements, they can all be met by the team.

Our team of highly qualified dentists and experienced staff  provide exceptional quality dental services.

They will listen to your concerns, give treatment options and find the best way to solve any dental issues.

Our expertise means we can provide you with the very best in gentle dental services and personal care, including options such as sedation dentistry.

Our dental procedures include:




An examination of the whole mouth and oral tissues will give a comprehensive picture as to your overall oral health and functionality.

Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal treatment is often needed in teeth that have deep fillings or have encountered trauma.

Crowns and Bridges


If you have teeth that have little natural structure left, then a crown may be the best for long term stability.

Digital X-rays

dental-xray- lilydale

X-rays are to provide valuable information and may be recommended to show the any issues that can not be readily observed.

Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth often require removal because there is simply not enough room in the jaw for them.



Where patients may have missing teeth, dental implants may be the best option available. We can help you.



Fillings remain the most conservative and uninvasive treatment for teeth where the tooth structure has been lost through breakage or decay.

Tooth Whitening


We recommend home bleaching under the supervision of your dentist.Learn why and how.



Orthodontics is an area of dentistry that addresses improper bites, crooked teeth and jaw alignment problems.